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Alexandrovska Hospital is the first university and multispecialty hospital in Bulgaria and the largest hospital in the country. Ever since its establishment in 1879 it has been a leading national university and medical center providing round-the-clock medical care for diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with acute or chronic diseases, injuries, conditions requiring surgery in hospital environment, including plastic surgery.

Medical diagnostics, transplant, dispensary, educational and research activities are carried out in 26 independent clinics, three reference laboratories, and numerous departments, centers and consulting rooms, some of unique nature and importance in the country.

Among the unique structures which "Alexandrovska" boasts are the following clinics: Clinical Allergology, Child Psychiatry, ClinicalImmunology with a stem cell bank, Nephrology and Transplantation which prepares couples for living kin transplants and monitorsand treats patients with renal transplants, Forensic Medicine and Deontology, Laboratory of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring andClinical Pharmacology, etc.

The Department of Neurology hosts the country's largest Laboratory for Ultrasound Research of the Nervous System and Blood Vessels of the Brain which is equipped with Doppler sonography and color Doppler, as well as the Consultation Office in Neuropsychology and Dementiology which studies the cognitive capacity, memory processes, attention capacity, linguisticabilities, personality traits, etc.

With its multidisciplinary spectrum "Alexandrovska" is Bulgaria’s largest base for the development, clinical testing and application of modern, highly efficient methods and technologies for diagnosis and treatment.

Among the most cutting-edge specialties in the medical-diagnostic work of the hospital are neuronavigation, organ and cell transplantation, invasive cardiology, laparoscopic and endoscopic surgery, extracorporeal lithotripsy, tumor immunology, nuclear medicine, rare neurological and nephrological diseases, neurogenetics, neuro-ophthalmology, neuro-ophthalmogenetics, medication monitoring, and many others.

For painless treatment and rapid recovery of our patients, "Alexandrovska hospital" applies the most advanced bloodless endoscopic methods in surgery, urology and ophthalmology. For this purpose our clinics feature latest-generation laparoscopic and endoscopic equipment by world leaders in the field of medical optics. A country’s first is the laser equipment for eye screening and refractive surgery by world leaders RetCam and Carl Zeiss.

For the maximum safety and comfort of our patients, "Alexandrovska" has modern systems for laboratory processing of biological and biopsy materials, monitoring and life support systems. Imaging diagnostics is performed with 64-cutoff CT, digital X-ray, mammography, angiographic and ultrasound equipment of the latest generation. 

With financing from foreign funds and programs "Alexandrovska" has implemented and uses to their fullest potential the latest hi-tech structures such as the Center for Positron Emission Tomography - Computed tomography /PET/CT/) at the Department of Nuclear Medicine, the Center for Intravascular Interventional Procedures at the Clinic of Cardiology, the Center for Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer equipped with multifunctional mini-invasive, automated systems of the highest class for precise diagnosis and effective treatment of neoplastic processes, Bulgaria’s most developed Center for Kidney Transplants at the Clinic of Urology, the Center for Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes and its Complications at the Clinic of Endocrinology, the Center for Rare NeurologicalDiseases with a facility for infusion therapy at the Department of Neurology, the Center for Rare Nephrological Diseases at the Clinic of Nephrology and Transplantation, etc.

Highly qualified and experienced specialists and healthcare professionals ensure the quality of medical services for our patients from Bulgaria and foreign countries, including foreign nationals who are permanent or temporary residents in the country, international insurance companies and their customers, medical tourists, representatives of foreign diplomatic missions, and others. 

Each patient has an alarm system and connection to the team on duty.

The clinical base of the hospital is used to train Bulgarian and foreign undergraduate and graduate students of the Medical University of Sofia. Only Alexandrovska Hospital conducts state examinations for acquiring degrees in the main clinicalfields.