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About us

University Multiprofile Hospital for Active Treatment “Alexandrovska” is a leading university and medical center - a national leader in the multi-profile hospital for active treatment services, transplantation, dispensaries, educational and research activities.

Through modern methods and technologies that are used in the hospital, are performed adequate , affordable and in some areas a unique number and quality of care, focusing on diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of individuals with acute and chronic diseases, injuries, conditions requiring surgery in hospital conditions, including medical and cosmetic procedures.

Patients, who are from different parts of the country and come in Alexandrovska Hospital, receive modern and high professional level of treatment, corresponding to the existing EU norms and standards. About 90% of graduates in medicine are graduates of Bulgaria Sofia Medical Faculty and undergo clinics Alexandrovska Hospital.

In the clinical base of the hospital is done postgraduate and specialization of most doctors in Bulgaria with capacity to carry out basic and thematic courses and individual specializations.

Only in the Alexandrovska Hospital there is an opportunity to be conducted public examinations for the main clinical specialties.